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Ronny Munroe is one of the most energetic and prominent singers in the music industry today, whose commitment and passion for music are embodied on stage and throughout his long career as the front man of many well known bands/groups.

Born in WA on November 22, 1965, Ronny has lived all around the country and is currently in the northeast area of New England.

And preparing to tour, World-Wide!
Ronny is currently the Lead Vocalist of several bands and will be seen performing for:

Cave (Founding Member)

Beyond The Wrath (Creator-Founder)

Monroe's Thunder (Creator-Founder)

Starting back in Washington State, Ronny was the lead singer for the band Zero Discipline, then onto lead vocals for the band Madhouse. Munroe's first position as a vocalist was with the band Moxi.

He was the lead vocalist for the Seattle band Paladin from 1986 to 1988 and he was also in FarCry in the early nineties.

Munroe was with the Seattle band Rottweiller when he was asked to audition for Kurdt Vanderhoof for a project he was working on. It was during that audition that Kurdt decided to resurrect Metal Church with Munroe as their frontman. Ronny recorded three albums with Metal Church before the band called it quits in 2009.

In 2010, Ronny joined up with Kurdt in his progressive rock band Presto Ballet, releasing the Invisible Places album and the follow-up EP Love What You've Done with the Place. Then, In October 2011 Ronny joined the Trans-Siberian Orchestra as a vocalist for their Fall/Winter tour.

Ronny studied voice under David Kyle, who also taught Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave, Geoff Tate of Queensrÿche, Layne Staley of Alice in Chains and Ronny's direct predecessor/successor in Metal Church, Mike Howe.

Ronny is best known for his broad vocal range and power with an ability to capture his audiences' attention.

3/2023 - Ronny is finally back on Facebook... Thanks to some help from outside sources!

Follow His Facebook Page: @ronnymunroefb


In Late 2022, several individuals were known to create Profiles and Pages dedicated to Ronny Munroe!

During that time, a few over zealous ones attempted to use his name to interact with fans and friends.

Facebook Security noticed and began disabling access to ANY profile/page with Ronny's Name. likeliness and image(s)... Including Ronny's own FB Page!

For Now, we have been working to resolve those issues and restore the Personal & Fan Pages via several means. Until that time comes, we shall sit back and let FB and the Attorney Generals Office due their job!

You can find Ronny using several forms of Social Media and for now, these are the Only Official Links to his social media

Facebook Page: @ronnymunroefb

Twitter: @RonnyMunroe

Instagram: officialronnymunroe

TikTok: @officialronnymunroe

YouTube: @ronnymunroeofficial

Ronny credited his name to the Bands, Albums and Singles listed below:

1987 - PALADIN | a 5 Song EP

1988 - Far Cry | a 5 Song EP

2003-2009 - Metal Church | 4 Full Albums

2010-2012 - Presto Ballet | 2 Songs

2012-2014 - Meta Church | 3 Songs

2015 - Present - Solo & Album Projects

2021-Present - Beyond The Wrath | Founder

2022-2023 - Vicious Rumors

2022 - Present - Cave | Founding Member

Ronny has written and/or co-wrote numerous other songs and has performed intermittently as a guest as well....

Solo Accomplishments:

EP - Internal Guest

1st Solo Album - The Fire Within

2nd Solo Album - Lords of the Edge

3rd Solo Album - Electric Wake

Ronny is currently Recording in the Studios for both Vicious Rumors and Cave!

While still performing locally and internationally, he has been busy writing, recording and traveling.

In 2023, he and his band-mates expect to be releasing a ton of new music. So watch for it!

Coming in 2023, we'll have an Online Store dedicated to merchandise available from RonnyMunroe.com.

Please hold tight as we decide on the products that will be available soon!

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