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My Brief Biography

Ronny Munroe

Born: November 22, 1965


Ronny is an American singer, most noted as the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Metal Church from 2003 until the band broke up in 2009. His second tenure with the band lasted from 2012 when the group reunited until 2014, where he left to "pursue other interests".

Munroe was the lead singer for the band Zero Discipline then onto lead vocals for the band Madhouse. Munroe's first position as a vocalist was with the band Moxi. He was the lead vocalist for the Seattle band Paladin from 1986 to 1988. He was also in FarCry in the early nineties. Munroe was with the Seattle band Rottweiller when he was asked to audition for Kurdt Vanderhoof for a project he was working on. It was during that audition that Kurdt decided to resurrect Metal Church with Munroe as their frontman. Ronny recorded three albums with Metal Church before the band called it quits in 2009. In 2010, Ronny joined up with Kurdt in his progressive rock band Presto Ballet, releasing the Invisible Places album and the follow-up EP Love What You've Done with the Place. In October 2011 Ronny joined the Trans-Siberian Orchestra as a vocalist for their Fall/Winter tour.

Ronny studied voice under David Kyle, who also taught Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave, Geoff Tate of Queensrÿche, Layne Staley of Alice in Chains and Ronny's direct predecessor/successor in Metal Church, Mike Howe . Munroe is best known for his broad vocal range and power and his ability to capture his audiences' attention.


  • Munroe's Thunder (2015)
  • Beyond The Wrath (2022)
  • Cave (2022)
  • Holy DIO (2023)

With Metal Church

  • The Weight of the World (2004)
  • A Light in the Dark (2006)
  • This Present Wasteland (2008)
  • Generation Nothing (2013)

With Presto Ballet

  • Invisible Places (2010)
  • Love What You've Done with the Place (EP) (2011)

With Peacemaker

  • Blood Lust (2019)
  • Big Block (2019)
  • Concrete and Terror (2019)
  • Insanity Speaks (2019)
  • Kill LOVE Sin (2019)
  • Endless Dream (2019)
  • Jane Slain (2019)
  • ME Enemy (2019)
  • Social Suicide (2019)
  • The Bomb (2019)

Vicious Rumors

  • Lead Vocalist (2022 - 2023)
  • 38 Shows/Venues in several countries

Solo Work

  • Internal Quest (EP) (2007)
  • The Fire Within (2009)
  • Lords of the Edge (2011)
  • Trans-Siberian Orchestra (2011/12)
  • Electric Wake (2014)

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